Jul 28 2015

My Town

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Mary's Kafe

Bras Basah

Bras Basah

Cat Socrates

Cat Socrates

I’m no fan of Orchard Road–it’s too crowded and too expensive. “Town” for me is the area stretching from the art museum all the way to Bras Basah and the Central Library. And Middle Road too of course. That’s my territory; I feel comfortable there, I know all the buses and shortcuts, and I know where to get decent food, although some places, like the awesome Basil Alcove, have sadly shut down. (If nothing else, click on that link to see Alf celebrating Movember in January!) I blame the Basil crew for giving me GERD, but I would patronise them again in a heartbeat.

By the way, decent food is definitely not served at Han’s at the Central Library. That’s a great place for freelancers to hog tables and a perfect place to work at, but I swear I’ve tried almost everything on the menu to keep my seat and only found the regular ham ‘n’ cheese sandwich and chicken pie tolerable. The chicken pie totally loses out to the pie at Mary’s Kafe, which is practically across the street. The two pies shouldn’t even be in a contest together.

Mary’s Kafe is next to 8Q at the art museum, and I first read about it here. I’m not crazy about the mains yet (that said, I’ve only tried the stew and the cottage pie), but I love the bites, including the pang susie. If Z’s around, we always have chocolate cake too. Mary runs the cafe with her sister Doris, who is extra friendly to kids and will let them draw on the chalkboard if it’s near closing time. We’ve been there often enough to know this.

Here’s what else I’m thinking about this week:

* I’m always caught between actively searching for my life’s direction and regularly checking in with God to make sure we’re where he intends for us to be. Honestly, the latter option can be confusing–where do you draw the line between patience and passivity?

* I’ve always known that I’m not an introvert or an extrovert. I draw energy from others, but I need a lot of personal and physical space. And there is a name for that. There is also a name for people who can’t commit to one interest or passion in life–it’s not commitment-phobe. (Thanks to Cindy and Cat for these links!)

* Still on life’s purpose: I haven’t started answering these questions yet, but I might. I think it’s just that time of the year, where people are prone to asking “What have I achieved/Where am I headed?”

* I’ve been feeling a bit unsettled these last couple of weeks. I don’t want to be that nice person who’s always trying little things that never amount to anything. But today, a friend messaged me because she wanted to make a surprise birthday present for Layla, and I was so touched. The signs are always coming in to remind us that we are blessed by the wonderful people around us, and sometimes, that knowledge is all that I need to stop wallowing and start loving life again. (Thank you Pauline!)

* And yes, this is a new weekly feature on the blog, with snapshots, thoughts, and links from my daily life. Some of my old posts are still accessible via the links on the right sidebar, while others are still searchable, if you know what you’re looking for. I’ve privatised a few posts–I’m moving away from blogging about Layla and her school progress to give her the privacy she deserves. Other posts have just been around long enough, so…

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