Nov 28 2011

It’s A Birthday!

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Alf turned 37 yesterday, and I’d bookmarked this page months ago anticipating that I wouldn’t have time for birthday planning. But two weeks ago I saw this, was totally blown away and decided I had to do more!

And so it was time to rope in Ron, as always. In a two-hour coffee session, we came up with a theme and made a list of things we felt Alf needed:

On Friday night, Alf received his surprises. All 37 of them! He was a bit sniffly—overcome by allergies, not emotion—but still loving our mostly handmade goodies:

Here’s some of what he got:

# DIY postcards from family and friends. (The original idea featured 25 postcards that would form a poster with a birthday message, but that would’ve been a nightmare to coordinate!)

# Another postcard to boost his ego!

# A gardening starter kit.

# A quote to decipher. Can you guess what it means? (The bottles are clues!)

# Because every birthday boy needs a break: Excuse cards for his bad habits!

# The solution to one of Alf’s pet peeves: Photos don’t do him justice, apparently. By Ron.

Happy birthday Alf, but don’t get your hopes up for next year: It’s one present a year from now on.

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    1. Jayneon 28 Nov 2011 at 8:24 pm

      Happy birthday Alf! What a treat! I’m sure the birthday man feels very loved. And yes, you are definitely the one we’ll call should we need to sell our place.


    2. Eon 29 Nov 2011 at 5:35 pm

      Thanks Jayne! :o) Are you travelling in Dec? Call us when you’re good to meet again; Layla’s been bored and lonely and sulky! :p


    3. rinon 01 Dec 2011 at 9:10 am

      Hey hey! Happy belated birthday to Alf and fanks too for your birthday wishes on FB! I’m totally blown away by your imaginative birthday gift(s), but the recipient also needs to be the kind to appreciate ’em, which I’m sure Alf is (I imagine someone like Rick wouldn’t get it at all!).

      Btw, please please tell me what the original title is for the Ladybird book cover… I know it’s a biblical story or something, because I this exact same book when I was really little. I remember the distinctive art style, one other book in the series was the story of Daniel in the lion’s den.

      Do you still go out on playdates? It’s Josh’s holidays now, and I hope I can snap out of my stupor to meet… The other day, we were at Everest Kitchen for lunch, and Jols pointed to the window of your previous place and told my mum that ‘my good friend Layla lives there’. How’s Layla these days? Hopefully she’s cheered up much more. Tell her that Josh and Jolie send her hugs and kisses and a big ‘hello’. They still can’t quite believe that Auntie Evelyn recently gave birth and that Layla now has a lil’ brother! And Josh thinks that calling Zion ‘Z’ “sounds really cool!” =)

      Have you heard of Adam Mansbach ‘children’s’ bedtime story ‘Go the F**k to Sleep’? It’s become an unlikely bestseller, and when I read it, I really cracked up… in fact, I’m sorely tempted to read it to Josh and Jols!

      There’s a PDF leak online… here’s the link:

      Hehe… Enjoy!



    4. Eon 01 Dec 2011 at 12:32 pm

      Woman, I’m cracking up just thinking of Rick looking at the gifts with the expression that he has in all his photos!!!

      Yeah, for some people you gotta go out and buy them something decently priced by their standards. Fortunately or unfortunately for me, Alf doesn’t really care for bought gifts! One year I got him a Guitar Player subscription and I’m pretty sure some issues are still sitting pretty in their wrapping. There are also watches and shirts in the cupboard with the tags still on!

      And yes, meet us! You haven’t seen Z! Neither have the girls (La, Siti, Kart) btw, so you’re not late, hehe.

      Re. the book: It’s hilarious, thanks for the link! I’m sure at least some of us can relate when we’re not busy self-censoring and suppressing. Go to my FB page, Ron’s posted a video link. Samuel L Jackson reads! As for the Ladybird, I think that’s the title! Cat Socrates (Bras Basah) sells these postcards of Ladybird classics. That was a lucky find for me.


    5. Jayneon 01 Dec 2011 at 8:26 pm

      Yes we’re in town for most of Dec except the last 2 weeks. How about next week? We can go over to your place. Any day of the week in the am is good. You name it. :-)


    6. rinon 03 Dec 2011 at 4:50 am

      Hehe… Samuel L. Jackson’s narration made me smile! What also made me smile were some of the comments about the book on Amazon, from the typical outraged and self-righteous drivel to some that made me wonder whether they were really that misinformed or trying to be funny by taking it seriously as a children’s book!

      Ugh and don’t tell me about Rick… it’s our 12th wedding anniversary on Sunday and when I mentioned it, he gave me what I thought was a genuinely confused and perplexed look, before insisting it’s the 5th. And y’know it really has left me wondering over whether he’s indeed forgot or was pulling my leg. Because for someone whose face usually registers nothing, it is totally uncanny and out of character for him to summon up any kind of emotion whatsoever!

      Hmmm… why don’t you lemme know which day next week is best for you and the time (do you prefer morns or afternoons)? I’ll let you know the day before if it’s a go-ahead, and if we do meet, I’ll tell you the real reason why I am so inconsistent when it comes to arranging meet-ups *le sigh*.

      Anyway, I haven’t visited Bishan Park or the temple grounds in years, and it’ll be so nostalgic to return to that area again… have you made Thomson Plaza a regular haunt yet? :) Btw, does bus 162 pass by your place?


    7. Eon 05 Dec 2011 at 10:34 am

      Jayne: See you Wed!

      Cheryl: How about this Fri? We’re home all day. If not will text you about next week. Talk to you more when we meet!


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