Apr 08 2014

DIY Easter Bunny Banner

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DIY Easter Bunny Banner/Bunting Made From Post-Its

3M Scotch sent me some of their new decorative tape products to meddle around with and I decided to make a little banner for Easter. If you’d like to make one with your kids, here’s what you’ll need:

* A stack of Post-its
* A bunny-shaped cookie cutter or toy that’s smaller than a Post-it note
* Plain paper or index cards
* Decorative tape

First, set your bunny cookie cutter or toy on top of a plain sheet of paper or index card, and trace around it to get a bunny outline.

DIY Easter Bunny Banner/Bunting Made From Post-Its

If you don’t have a suitable cookie cutter or toy, you can use the bunny template that I’ve created instead.

Next, turn your paper/card over and stick on your decorative tape. Play with white space and different colour combinations!

DIY Easter Bunny Banner/Bunting Made From Post-Its

Flip your paper over to the side with the outline, and cut out the bunny. Then stick the bunny onto a Post-it note.

DIY Easter Bunny Banner/Bunting Made From Post-Its

Start over and make more until you have enough Post-it notes for a banner. Have fun putting it up!

I received a package of complimentary decorative tapes from 3M Scotch. I don’t have much of a tape collection and I’m using these for the first time. The plain Magic Tapes are pretty thin (see banner pic, first Post-it from right), so you’ll have to use a double layer of tape if you’re particular about not having the see-through effect. The decorative masking tape (see banner pic, third Post-it from right) is easy to cut and tear off, and it removes cleanly too. I hope they expand this range!

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