Nov 14 2013

DIY: Clothespin Christmas Tree

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We placed a reservation for our first ever real Christmas tree from Far East Flora today. A 4+ ft tree is going for S$58.80, if you pick out your tree on November 30 or before that. They’ll only hold the trees for you for a week and we didn’t want to get our tree too early–in case it doesn’t live to see Christmas. The staff assured us that the trees can last 45 days, provided they get enough water. They don’t need direct sunlight, so the home environment’s fine.

If this doesn’t work out we’ll be looking at alternative tree ideas again, and I wanted to repost this kid-friendly clothespin Christmas tree craft that I did last year. I put it up on what I thought was going to be my craft blog but it only chalked up three posts before it turned into an epistolary experiment. Now it’s just a dead zone.

Moving on, here’s what you’ll need to make a clothespin Christmas tree:

DIY: Clothespin Christmas Tree, Alternative Christmas Tree

Attach your clothespins to three hangers and find a suitable place to hang them off, like your window grilles, or in my case, on my louvre windows. Hang your ornaments off the clothespins, and don’t forget to top your tree with a star.

DIY: Clothespin Christmas Tree, Alternative Christmas Tree

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