Jan 31 2012

“Like Dad” And More!

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Our project of the day was inspired by the “Like Mom Like Dad” photos here.

Let’s not even talk about the setting. Who’d have thought that trying to replicate your parent’s style, pose, and expression would be so difficult? Even Z looks wrong; I think we should’ve shot this a month earlier! But one good thing came out of this experiment: Alf is donating those pants to his mom to use as doll stuffing!

Also on the “New” list for today:
* I wrote a classic movie review! I took a film theory module years ago but I’ve clean forgotten everything. The only thing I remember about writing reviews in general is this: Analyse, don’t summarise. Or at the very least, talk about what you liked or hated and why.

* A friend made me a bowl of Ginataan today, which is the Filipino version of Bor Bor Cha Cha. I love it when friends make dessert to share!

* I googled the e-mail address from an advertising invite and avoided getting scammed!

That wraps up 31 days of “Do Anything” for January! Look out for a new theme tomorrow!

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  1. Rinon 05 Feb 2012 at 12:29 am

    Garps, the pics could be passed off as that of the same baby! It’s the expression! Anyway, well done! Great idea :)


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