Mar 10 2012

Sew Something

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The biggest found object we ever carted home was a 1950s Singer sewing machine. We’d never intended to use it but my mother-in-law insisted we fix it. She even hired the right man for the job—a 60-something Singer know-it-all who worked our machine like a rock star, threading, foot pedaling, spinning… He replaced a few parts and declared our machine good for another 50 years. Then he added:

The only problem left is you.

True that. My hands and legs are all over the place on this manual machine. I haven’t felt this uncoordinated since drum class way back when! But sometimes you just have to keep on keeping on, and today I thought I’d try a simple project: Making a crackly toy for Z.

This owl stuffed with an empty wipes package (and some old socks) looked idiot proof, but I still managed to jam my Singer. Switched to hand stitching and realised I didn’t have felt, so my owl has button eyes and isn’t baby safe anymore. It’s also missing a beak.

But I did get the fabric right.

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